Less Context Switching, Faster PRs

Don't lose focus on what you're building - stop wasting time and energy - do effective PRs quicker and more efficiently!

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Imagine a world where code reviews are fun, productive, and increase quality without being a burden...

You must defeat the villains in your path

Painful Context Switching

SwitchMonger's magic power is causing you to lose focus!

It's time to defeat SwitchMonger using SourceField!

SourceField gives you the power of the Arc - guided & ordered narratives that enable you to navigate through a PR with a flow that isn't just alphabetical.

The Cone of Silence & Darkness

ShushTodaian squashes the discussion of code changes. He makes you search your IDE, open up Slack, and do more work to convey information.

Use SourceField to destroy ShushTodian!

SourceField gives the you power of the Trident - the ability to embed video & audio into your code, transcribe it, and automatically link to the code you are referencing.

The Chaos of Stacked & Large PRs

CopyCat disguises themselves as Stacked PRs, large PRs, and PRs into feature branches. CopyCat forces you into "LGTM mode" - causing its power to spread like a virus!

SourceField is CopyCat's Kryptonite!

SourceField's Arcs give you the power to split your PRs and assign different teams to different parts so they can be defeated quickly without changing your workflow!

Principal Software Engineer
Invisible Technologies

"SourceField solves the hardest part of code reviews - trying to understand what the hell the dev was thinking!"

Jing Conan Wang

"I'm twice as fast at PR reviews now with SourceField. This is the most-frequent thing I use during code reviews."

Adam Frankl
Fmr. VP Marketing

Devs lack context into changes - but GitHub isn't fixing the problem, they're making it worse! SourceField is giving devs context at the most crucial point in software development.

+ Many More
Become a code review wizard!
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