SourceField was started in 2021 by former Tesla, MLB, Stripe, and OnDeck devs to eliminate software bugs once and for all. Our vision is to enable devs to move fast and not break things. Our founders felt that, after a combined 15 years of software development experience, there were 2 problems that were colliding - the migration from big data to big code and that software developers were becoming more isolated than ever, with Kubernetes only exacerbating the problems! So our team left exciting roles at MLB, Stripe, and OnDeck to reverse the trend.

Our plan is very simple: we are starting with fixing code reviews - making them fast, fun, and effective - without dramatically changing your dev flow; we are moving onwards towards telling code narratives; lastly we are moving into creating an AI that follows your dev flow and enables you to not repeat the same mistakes other devs have made. Our continuous learning will enable devs to never have to search StackOverflow based upon the coding patterns used, prevent having to look at documentation to know if they are following the company's best practices, and not have to ask other devs in Slack the same question that was asked months ago. We are building SourceFields around your code.

We started the company fully-remote, modeling how we build and grow after HashiCorp's remote-work model.

Our Dedicated Team

Eric MeadowsEric Meadows
CEO & Co-Founder
Daniel HawkinsDaniel Hawkins
Co-Founder & Director of Engineering
Ole GoodeOle Goode
Senior Front-End Software Developer
Jabu DaytonJabu Dayton
Chief People Advisor
Lesley AlegriaLesley Alegria
Director of Recruiting
Strategy Advisor
Adam FranklAdam Frankl
Marketing Advisor
Justin ErenkrantzJustin Erenkrantz
Tech Advisor
Baruch SadogurskyBaruch Sadogursky
Developer Evangelist Advisor
“We built SourceField to shift debugging left - and giving those devs superpowers when they do it. Most devs hate debugging and code reviews - that's what we're attacking first!"
Eric Meadows
CEO & Co-Founder
+ Many More
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