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Eric Meadows is a software industry veteran. While at Tesla Motors, Eric built the Autopilot Maps program & algorithm from the ground-up - where every Tesla helps to create & update a real-time, centimeter-level accurate, map of the world. While at Tesla, Eric also created the measurement-rejection algorithm that enabled the Autopilot system to crest hills, go up hills, and go around corners without entering turn lanes. After Tesla, Eric built an OCR system that was able to scan medical records using a flip phone - a system that can read printed text, handwriting, and doctor's handwriting.

Eric's first start-up, Origin, went through Y Combinator in the Winter 2017 batch, with investors that included Sam Altman, Daniel Gross, and numerous VCs.

After the startup did not succeed, Eric consulted for multiple start-ups in roles from software dev, data engineer, data scientist, and program manager - learning the ins and outs of how to make and run successful software teams. Being described by others as a "Kobe Bryant-like dev," Eric has solved some of the hardest engineering problems.

In January 2020, Eric joined MLB and led the Machine Learning Data Engineering (MLDE) team at Major League Baseball (MLB). Eric's team was able to shepherd in the quickest way to deploy a Machine Learning (ML) model at MLB - whether to a ballpark or to the cloud. Eric built the software build system (CI/CD) for MLB, which is now used by over 300 software devs every day - all deployed software is built using this platform.

In June 2021, Eric left his dream job at MLB to fix the most challenging problems in software development.

He's the most tenacious, hard-working, empathetic, and compassionate dev to start a start-up.

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