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Daniel is one of the smartest and most-talented software developers our CEO ever met. Daniel took an unconventional route into software development which highlights his tenacity towards duty & service.

Daniel joined the Navy out of high school working in one of the most-challenging fields, signals intelligence. After his service was complete, Daniel went to MIT and graduated with a degree in Computer Science, where he took his calculated approach towards solving challenging problems he learned in the Navy & applied it to software development.

Daniel joined a small start-up after graduation, he quickly matured into their lead software developer. Daniel then joined a budding start-up in Chatanooga, TN, Bellhops, where Daniel was a Software Team Lead only to grow into the Director of Software Development in just a few short years. A tough decision belied Daniel, and he joined the incredible software team at Stripe, where Daniel led the development of the EU & Canadian systems.

An opportunity presented itself in late 2021 - one which Daniel felt was the exact right move for him - to change the way we look at software. Daniel felt that SourceField was working to address the issues he saw everyday at Stripe - the constant stuggle to ship quickly, reliably, and without bugs.

Daniel has been a key leader within the organization - and has helped us shape and mold our product in an irreplaceable manner!

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