Seamless Integration

We integrate with GitHub via our GitHub app. We focused on making everything secure from the start, which means that everything we look at - your code, our map, our metrics - will stay within your infrastructure.

Our GitHub app handles everything from permissions to clone inside a GitHub action, to enabling us to assign reviewers, comment on PRs, and fix bugs for you!

How we communicate with GitHub

Every organization has its own GitHub app that we manage - it's a security-first approach that we developed. If your team doesn't want to enable certain functionality, it's customizable, but we'll always ask for the same permissions. In the future, certain actions SourceField takes will require different permissions - we'll keep you updated so you know what features will need a permissions change.

Getting Started

Once you install our Helm chart, you'll be able to click a button and your app will deploy and be live. That's it - no more setup!